” Division is a concept derived from the knowledge of man and not from the wisdom gifted by the Lord”

Outpouring Light and Love from His Mountain


The Trinity Is No Longer Resisting

Kevin Elias Ezekiel James, a bondservant of Jesus Christ,

To those of faith, those coming to faith, and the Church in our Zion.

There is a great darkness that existed upon the time of creation. Our Father saw that it was not entirely good. So He said, “Let there be light.”. And there was light. Yet the darkness could not comprehend the light or have obedience toward it. So it became shadow and hid there and now still resides there. In its hiding it developed great envy in that it could not understand nor be a part of the light. This envy preyed upon Lucifer who opened up his mind and heart to it when he allowed envy to overcome him in his jealousy toward those created in our Fathers image. The darkness created envy in its state of fear and incomprehension and became accursed by it as did Lucifer.

Lucifer tempted Eve with disobedience in his envy and jealousy. Eve, as we know could not resist, nor Adam resist Eve. What Lucifer did not know is the magnitude of what was done. He did not comprehend the power and magnitude of those whom he envied, but should have known better as we were created in our Father’s image. He took advantage of us in our infancy, therefore we were deceived, but we are no longer infants, nor are we deceived. We now know and accept that we are God’s children. We are all gods and what we manifest becomes creation, so we had to become exiled to a different dominion. For our hearts had become polluted and corrupted now because of envy and sin; should we have not been exiled, then surely we would have corrupted heaven and all its glory.

Since that time our hearts and love have been placed into this exile as a crucible where we might become pure and refined to our original state. Our Father could have eliminated Lucifer right then and there, yet as He does, He uses all things for His purpose. So, our Father cast him down to be of the same dominion with us, not only as punishment, but to be used in our Father’s purpose toward our chastening and refinement. Now Lucifer will come to understand the error of his ways. He will see the true power of God in those created by and in His image as those who have faith and grace by our Father’s love for us, then are able to overcome the roots of darkness, evil, shadow, and envy; all the things which he cannot overcome himself. Therefore, he remains the unforgiven and will spend his eternity in misery, jealousy, envy, and defeat with all the rest of the unforgiven and the fallen.

When we are fully restored to our former glory then Lucifer will also have shame for his sin, but his shame will not deliver him like it will and has delivered our brothers, Jacob, Israel, and Ephraim who now return to us in this apostasy. Our brothers both have and know the love of the truth and in being delivered from their shame they will bring this understanding, love of the truth, righteous indignation, and zeal to us, in order that the will of our Father is completed upon this earth; just as it is in heaven. Therefore the rivers of living waters flow from His mountain to the east and to the west in the new Pentecost that delivers and conveys the saints back to Zion. It has already begun, and thus it has been done. The price has been paid in full for our ransom. We are not captives, though all that is of darkness in this dominion would have us believe so. In and by all the miracles of the Lord and our Father, we will see the return of our brothers, that they are no longer captives and that this has been done in the glory of the Name above all names.

Knowledge places our hope in the work of our own hands, that which we can see and find most tangible. Knowledge also makes that which we manifest a greater evil than Satan and Lucifer because we have always been greater and more powerful than him from the beginning. Wisdom places our hope in our Father and Christ so that which we manifest is righteous and just. Knowledge will never absorb wisdom. This is why our Father said, “Do not eat the fruit from the tree of knowledge.”. In our great knowledge we found that we could manifest comforts, securities, order, rule, economics, and pleasures for ourselves, but we did so without wisdom. This is why the tower of Babel was destroyed.

It is wisdom that uncovers the anti-Christ. The anti-Christ being that pompous little horn. Why is it the little horn and not the big horn? Doesn’t the Scripture say that the magnitude of the son of perdition and the anti-Christ becomes even greater than that of Satan, ascends to the heavens in its sin, and can only be overcome by inhuman means? The anti-Christ is referred to as the little horn to symbolize how Satan and man are both deceived into thinking that the power and magnitude of that horn is lesser than. The anti-Christ is brought into power upon the wings of abominations. The wings are us as man which have the power to ascend that power so high. The abominations are everything that we manifest in our knowledge. That being our knowledge which is devoid of wisdom and the counsel of God in our disobedience and apostasy; which we ourselves have created. The corporate groups and entities of man is the beast, therefore, all who claim loyalty to that which we have created bear its mark. This mark is a blemish easily removed with wisdom and repentance.

Our secular and separatist society and culture has written upon the hearts of many the benefits of knowledge instead of wisdom. This has now become something that our Father can no longer allow to prevail, if He is to protect the virtue of His children, the righteousness of salvation, and the glory of His Name. The secular world has its own body just as we form the body of Christ. Those of the secular world form the body of the anti-Christ. This anti-Christ has proclaimed itself as God when it took upon itself the entitlement to write upon the hearts of our brothers and sisters, to have them give their tithes, praise, and service to it, in all adultery and playing the harlot in the oppression from the spirits of harlotry and idolatry; rather than giving all to the One and true Living God.

Indeed, the secular world has abolished the daily sacrifices. For our hearts are the most Holy Place, the place which Christ paid for, as the tabernacle of Himself as Love, now they stand there in His place where they aught not to be. Please do not mistake this, as it has come with great sorrows and long-suffering. Our Father has specifically asked for this message to be brought forward. If this is not the word of our Father and from His lips, then let other prophets come forward with correction, bringing glory and praise to His Name. Tell our Father to correct me even, and as He wills I shall hear Him. It would be truly heaven sent, the long-suffering might come to an end, and I will say, “Praise God, let it be finished.”. Not only that, but, do not be strangers brothers and sisters, as you know I miss you greatly and I long for you. Where are you? Come back from beyond the veil. Yet do we not all already know and perceive this as the truth in our heart of hearts? Or do we just lack admittance and acceptance to His truth?

Nevertheless, the Trinity has been resisting and will no longer resist. All of creation has been suffering due to our lack of proper stewardship and administration which our Father created us for; being as Good Shepherds and Watchmen over His creation and our inheritance. As He is the One who is good, He is the One who manifests righteously toward His creation, and He is the One who is I AM and just. He is the God of Jacob and He is the Holy One. He is the keeper of covenant and promise. He is the One who shall always be loving and merciful, who shall not lie, and will never deny Himself.

May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the Love of our Father, and the communion of the Holy Spirit be with you all. Amen

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